Crystal Types

Strauss Lighting Crystal ChoicesCrystal is prepared in three ways. It can be machine-cut, hand-cut or molded. The finest crystal contains few flaws. It has no cloudiness, milkiness or inclusions. At Strauss, we pride ourselves on selecting only the finest crystals for our fixtures.

STRASS® Swarovski® Crystal
This crystal meets all standards for perfection. It is original, flawless and brilliant, possessing lead oxide content in excess of 30 percent. Using age old trade secrets, Swarovski craftsmen produce a crystal where each facet is perfectly cut and polished for optimum consistency and clarity. The crystals are easy to clean because of the polishing process which makes it difficult for dirt and dust to stay on them.


SPECTRA® Swarovski® Crystal
This lead-free quality crystal is a recent development. A Swarovski technician applies strict production standards to manufacture it. The end result is a brilliant crystal at a reasonable price.

Gem-cut is a full-lead crystal machine-cut at the highest industry standards. It has really sharp facets that increase its brilliance.

Hand-cut is simply what it says – cut by hand. Craftspeople trained in the traditional methods with up to 5 to 10 years experience produce it. First, they use an iron then a sandstone wheel to cut the facets. In the final stage of the work, they use a wooden wheel with marble dust. The patterns of the wood are left on the crystal attesting to the labor consuming process that goes into it.

These are cuts developed by the first crystal makers in Bohemia in 1724. They are big and heavy giving impressive weight to a fixture.

Crystals are created with colored glass. The possibilities are endless. (Topaz, Light Topaz, Amber, Navy Blue, Baby Blue, Aquamarine Blue, Emerald, Rosaline, Golden Teak, Ruby and Purple are available.)