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    The Maria Theresa collection caries the name of the Empress that made this style fixtures famous by adorning her home, the Austrian based Schonbrunn palace with these magnificent European Rococo design chandeliers.

    Already a trademark for Strauss, our Maria Theresa chandeliers are made to set the difference:

    -The frame is made out of solid brass, which is polished and plated. After the plating is done, the scroled arms are wrapped with glass panels and then bind-ed with glass rosettes along their entire length. Due to this process, the frame can be build in almost any size imaginable, without altering its elegant all glass look.

    -The crystal trimming combines gem-cut crystal strands with heavy French style crystal pendants, and hand cut bobeches with sparkling crystal drops.

    Collection offered in: – 9 chandelier sizes; two wall sconces, all in two different finishes. For any other custom size please contact us.

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